Everything is energy and all of life is connected

I am blessed to offer my healing and energy work from the foot of Table Mountain, between two great oceans of water. I am a channel for Source energy and connect directly with your soul to offer healing, clearing & insights into your unique vibrational frequency. I offer this so that you may find your highest wisdom, and together we can aspire to create the world we all wish to live in. A world of peace, connection and the deepest love for all forms of life. 

 Africa is my land, the place where my Spirit flies free. Planet Earth is a sacred and conscious entity and it is our home, she is our “Great Mother”. As she gives us life, we return the blessing with honouring her and treating our home with love, respect and care. It is my deepest belief that at this time of our evolution, Africa will rise to lead the world in what I call the consciousness of the "New Human". The New Human is someone who lives from their heart centre, deeply connected to the Earth, to the Divine Spirit and to each and every living being on the planet.

Table Mountain is a strongly spiritual force and emits both healing and nurturing energy to those that connect with her. Cape Town is not called the "mother city" for no reason. Join with me on a journey into your deepest truth by working with energy from the place of our earliest birthing, the Cradle of Mankind, the African continent, and in my instance, the diverse, powerful and intense energy of the city of Cape Town. 

I spend much time on this sacred mountain of my home, not only gathering wisdom, energy and guidance but also to use as a portal to send out peaceful and positive intentions, extending far beyond the borders of my wonderful city and country. The time for rebirth is now. The time for the New Human is now. Let's do the work in order to birth the #newhuman and we will be #strongertogether. I look forward to connecting with you and to assisting you to create the life and world you dream of, Lilah (otherwise known as "The Multidimensional Mother").


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Scatterlings of Africa - Johnny Clegg