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My name is Lilah


And I am a Cosmic Seer `& Healer

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I honour all Celestial beings with whom I work. I see you as a Cosmic Being with infinite potential. What is holding you back from stepping into your Power and your Light?


My one on one consultations are my greatest passion and also my greatest honour. I am committed to seeing your Light and Truth and hold our sessions in a most sacred light. Each session is unique in that you are offered exactly what it is you need at any point in time, whether this is information or healing. My sessions are strictly confidential and I work with a high level of integrity, professionalism and compassion.


I am guided by your own Cosmic Wisdom, which moves beyond the needs/wants of the Human emotional and mental plane, to offer you the energetic insights and celestial healing which aligns you to your highest potential, supporting your path to Authenticity and a Heart centred way of living.

I work with clients across the globe and my sessions are offered online or through distant healing work. The healing work I offer covers physical healing, inner child healing, entity removal, soul retrieval & ancestral healing, to name a few. In order to offer a distant healing session all I need is payment of the required fee together with your full name and date of birth. After the session you will receive recorded feedback.

The sessions are 60 minutes in duration, the fee is available on request when booking.

I do hope that you will decide to offer yourself the greatest gift. The gift which is taking care of self and honouring your healing process and soul's journey.

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"All of the beings who ever existed or have yet to exist, are within you. As You. As Others. As all of Life. As the very nature of Creation itself. Expand into the highest way of being possible and know, that you are one with the Universe and all of Creation"

The Multidimensional Mother


Lilah Wolpert

Cosmic Seer, Practitioner of Multidimensional Energetics & Healing and Interspecies Communicator. 

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