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Online Community for Spiritual Insights & Support


As part of my online services I have a community - Starburst - which holds within it beautiful people from across the Globe. These individuals are committed to understanding who they truly are and to awaken the Light within. Together with my own Cosmic Soul, and my Spiritual Guides,  I hold this space in the highest vibration.

These are exciting times, but they can also be unsettling times. Join the Community and be supported.


My Starburst Circle of Light is held on the Patreon application for a membership fee of 9 Euros per month. The following is just a short list of some of the things you may experience whilst being a member of this community.

In my online community you can expect to:

  • Be supported in your search for authenticity and a greater understanding of who you are as an energetic being

  • Receive information from myself and my Guides which supports an understanding of the current energetic environment we are living in

  • Receive insights into ways in which you can become more connected to your Cosmic Being and work with yourself in a guided, intimate way

  • Enjoy one on one contact with me as we hold a number of live online Golden Circle Meditations, Q&As and impromptu free readings

  • Connect with other like-minded people in a safe and highly supported environment

  • Remember who you are

  • See The Light in You

What does my monthly subscription include?

In the Starburst Community we meet twice monthly to hold live guided Golden Circle Meditations for Heart Activation and Opening, aligned to the New and Full Moons. I also hold a monthly live Q&A session in which I share my channeled guidance and also expand on themes shared on my YouTube channel. During these sessions you are invited to ask questions to enable a deeper understanding of the content I share as it pertains to your own journey. 

In addition to the 3 live sessions per month I also hold impromptu gatherings where the individual members get to share parts of their own journey. Since I have members in countries across the world this allows for a unique experience to connect with others you may not have otherwise met. At least 4 times per year there is also the offering of free readings for members who request to participate. There is also a private message box in which you can send me personal messages related to any of the work we share together which I will attempt to respond to within 24 hours. 

How does it work?


  • ​The community connects live on Patreon for the meditations and other online offerings

  • Patreon is an application that enables safe and secure community engagement and is relatively easy to use

  • You create your own user account on Patreon free of charge and it is just the monthly contribution to my Community which is payable

  • The online sessions are held via Zoom and these online sessions are recorded so that if you are unable to attend the live event, you will still have access to the sessions

  • All of the written channeled information which I share on the News from the Stars page of this website will also be posted to Patreon

  • Your membership can be paused or cancelled at any time should you wish to take a break from the Community or withdraw completely

  • There is no need to participate in the sessions or contribute unless you feel comfortable to do so. You can attend without the use of your camera if this suits you more

  • Everything offered on my Patreon platform is available to you at any time. The meditations I hold are often of benefit many weeks after they were hosted, due to the nature of my work and the retention of the energetic integrity of the circle. So they can be re-listened to if you found that meditation particularly beneficial

If you are looking to be part of a safe and high vibrational community in which you are supported in learning, growing and expanding into more of your Light then please consider joining us


"Joining Lilah's Patreon Community has been my lifeboat through these turbulent times. Every meditation, gathering and energy update is held with such sacredness, wisdom and of course her beautiful open heart. I look forward to this multidimensional group expanding into Starburst and beyond." - Much love Dee, South Africa. 

"I love being part of the Starburst Patreon community, Lilah always has amazing insight on the current and future energies and they really resonate with me. It also feels very powerful to connect with the other members in our meditations and chats. I would highly recommend joining the Patreon group, it is a safe space with like-minded individuals navigating changing times together." - Kyrstin, United Kingdom.


"This community has felt like a lifeline through some stormy periods. The sense of unity of experience, and also the power of that shared experience has been deeply comforting for me. I have developed a much deeper sense of meaning in all spheres of life thanks to this wonderful group of humans led by this extraordinary human, Lilah Wolpert." - Chantal, South Africa.

My Intentions for this Community

Whether it is my online community, my YouTube viewership, or the people who participate in my in person events, the field in which I work  is held within the highest vibration of my own soul and that of my Guides. I honour the spiritual team I work with and I am continually grateful for their ongoing assistance with this Community's healing and ascension. Every persons journey is unique and I merely act as a guide to share my insights and teachings so that you may connect to your Hearts voice and Soul Wisdom.



My own journey of awakening was intimately connected to the opening of my heart field and I believe this to be a fundamental aspect of any persons spiritual journey. 

My intention is to build both an online & in person community which not only supports you, but also inspires and encourages you to fully express your authentic self and the "Light that is You" into the world, and to awaken within, your highest vibrational potential to be of service to the world for the good of self and all.

We are entering into a phase of human evolution where it will be seen as the era of the soul, and we are being called to awaken into that aspect of ourselves. I hope you will consider joining me along this journey of discovery, connection and a path to #thenewhuman.

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