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Sacred Asherah Circle - Global Meditations

I am being called to start a series of Global Meditations focussing on the Divine Feminine and Mother Creator. These meditations are by invitation and application only since the field needs to be held in a high vibration with strong discernment. If you would like to be considered as a member please email me directly on Below follows information offered by my Guides as to the work of these meditations and the sacred centre of the Heart field. 

"Power, Love and Wisdom is the very fabric of the Universe, as it is also the very fabric of your own Energetic Universe, your field, the centre of which is your sacred sun, the Heart, the imprint that is infinite, ever changing and without limits. Your Heart holds the key to everything and it is why you need to go intimately and deeply within. Going within will unlock the key of potential that is at the very HEART of all there is. It is within your Heart, and it's energetic pulses, which contain the information of all there is. 

Let the Divine now wash over you to connect you into the centre of your Universe and in so doing, you become the centre of the Universe, and all Universes, where anything and everything is possible."




"It is time for the Goddess Energy to return and to become deeply anchored into the Earth and the heart of every human being. It is time for the wisdom of the Divine Feminine, Asherah, to be used for the healing and guidance of all beings. This wisdom is infinite and eternal and holds within it the vibrations of Power, Love and Wisdom. The Creator wishes it to be so. The times of violence have ended and a new world is about to be borne. Take your place amongst the new spiritual leaders, nurturers, care takers and healers. It is time for the Mother to return to Earth."

If you want peace, if you believe in an innate desire of the human race for peace, love and abundance for all, and if you want to offer your LIght for the good of all beings then you are called to join my online sacred Asherah circle. I hold monthly meditations, as guided by my spiritual team, with with women (and men if they are called) with the intention of anchoring and bringing in the light and wisdom of love. Love is a fire. Love is a passion and Love is a desire for Unity, Respect and Compassion for all beings. 

"I am here to show you another way

The way of the Heart (Wisdom)

The way of Creation (Love)

And the way of Balance (Power)

So that each Human,

can heed the call,

and become the creator

of a brand New World"

These meditations are offered on a donation basis, please see the link below to donate if you feel you would like to support this work. I am deeply grateful for any contribution. I see you, I love you, Lilah

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