lilah - healer & community leader


I am a healer and spiritual community leader and I offer teachings affiliated to my ancient spiritual lineage, the White Rose. My nurturing nature and desire to be of compassionate service underpin all of the work I offer. I see the spiritual, or soulful self, that which is timeless and infinite,  and I work with this aspect of my clients and community members to bring about transformative change and healing.


My  connection to God/Source/Spirit runs central to the work I do and in my life in general. I spend much time in the forests and on the slopes of Table Mountain, at my home in Cape Town, South Africa, connecting to my inner voice and that of Spirit and Mother Earth. As a human, my spiritual ancestry dates back to the earliest human presence on the continent of Africa, where I now find myself.


I am committed to be of service as a Healer and Community Leader and I am blessed to have clients and community members placed all around the globe. My Community of the White Rose is dedicated to your spiritual path & growth and to enhancing your connection to the Divine, please see my Community page for more details should you feel the call to join this high vibrational & loving tribe. The Spiritual path is a sacred journey in which you work on awakening your authenticity and patiently allow the opening of your heart centre, and enable the settling in of your soul.


I offer healing which enables you to align to the expression of your highest purpose, living in service as a human via the expression of your soul. I believe in the concept of being both practically human and uniquely divine, combining both spirit and matter in a seamless connection of peaceful living with all beings, from a place of respect, kindness, compassion and love.


I am also a curious human and for as long as I can remember, I have been a mystic in search of the Nature of God. On my curious meanderings I have studied at various institutions and hold a Bachelor of Science, Honours degree from the University of Cape Town and a Bachelors Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona, as well as a practising ministerial diploma. I am also a qualified energy healer after acquiring a certificate with distinction in healing from the School of Intuition and Healing in the United Kingdom, registered with the British Alliance of Healing Associations.

My one and only belief is that we are all borne of a single, creative force. We are all pulses of energy and we are all part of the great magnificence that is creation. Since we are all connected, how we think, talk, act and behave affects each one of us and all there is. Let us begin to recognise there is healing to be done that will assist with our move to a higher vibration, and, in healing ourselves, we heal others. We are ALL part of the web of life. I set the intention to empower, enlighten and assist you to see your light, soul essence and the truth of who you are. I am merely a guide that enables you to see this power and unlimited potential within you, to help you see the Light that is You! and enable your path to becoming #thenewhuman.

Life is a Gift

Life is a gift. See the awe, the beauty and the majesty in all life forms. Life is a sacred blessing. Treasure, honour and bless your life, whatever space you may be in. You are here to shine your light, the world needs you to be courageously authentic. To stand in the glory and full knowledge that your energetic vibration counts. What you send out is received by others, make it count.

I see you, Lilah