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My name is Lilah


And I am a Cosmic Seer & Healer

News from the Stars

The content shared here is offered weekly and is aligned to the insight and guidance I receive from my own Cosmic Wisdom and that of my Star Tribe. Everything I share is aligned to your highest good and healing


In order to comment on any of my posts you are requested to become a member of this website. As a member you will receive a notification for each new blog post and in that way you will not miss out on any useful or insightful messages that may assist you in your journey to awakening. This membership also adds your email address to my newsletter which distributes information about upcoming events, courses and other group offerings. You will also be able to connect with other like minded souls and in so doing you become a part of my greater community and Circle of Light.


Knowledge is Power. Open up your Heart and let it in

Sprinkle some magic on someone today and you will help chase away their fears

"There is Light to be had in even the darkest spaces. Seek it out with all you have within you. Hold it close to your heart"

The Multidimensional Mother

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