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Blown Minds & Changing Circuitry

On sharing with my Starburst online community yesterday, before our New Moon meditation, I realised what an incredibly important cycle we are moving through at present. In a way it is difficult to describe but I feel a sense of urgency in sharing, I trust it helps. From my "higher mind and heart" to yours ๐Ÿ™

As an electromagnetic field of consciousness we are at a pivotal point in the breakdown and collapse of multiple energetic circuits, fields and matrices. The extent of energetic debris that is currently surrounding our planet is massively interfering and chaotic to those who have untrained minds. When I talk of untrained minds I am talking of those who are not centred in their hearts, holding a coherent field. Those who are especially vulnerable at present are the young and mentally unstable. Fractals from the mental plane, both within your own field, and those of the people who surround you are unplugging from old matrices. It is a bit like having live electrical wires being blown around in a storm. More psychic attacks and interferences will be present in these next few weeks and months.

New fractals are being created within the mental planes as they are birthed through the heart centre. It is critical during these times to truly analyse and when necessary dissolve, thought form circuitry that is running in your own field. Hijacking and manipulation of these live wire thought forms are happening by those entities who do not wish to see humanity ascend into a higher frequency and way of being. These lower vibratory thought forms then become "plugged" into your mental field.

Also more important than ever is to "earth yourself" by connecting into Nature and that which makes you feel centred and stable.

Even though there is much happening, if you remain as consciously aware in each moment as possible, you can direct your life force and align circuitry to a field which creates a stillness and point of balance. Imagine you are visually sweeping the area above your head into a cone shape and then single connection, like a silver cord, up into your higher gateways and ultimately Source.

Mental storms abound as more Light streams into the planet further charging up the energetic atmosphere. Know that you are sovereign and have ultimate command over your field and thought form creation and/or transmutation. Ask for assistance from your highest aspect and remain discerning of information coming into your "mind", in certain cases you may want to ask "are you of the Light?" always ask 3 times and if you don't receive a yes, command the thought stream to leave.

Please reach out for help if you need assistance and email me on should you wish to receive a clearing from lower vibratory thought forms and entities. I send much light your way, with blessings Lilah

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