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Channeled Message - Circles of Time & New Beginnings

“You are in a time where the renewal of self is critical in order to move into the new forms of existence offered by the Rays of Light and Wisdom coming into to planet.

Old ways of being, seeing and thinking will no longer be supported and the Human as you understand it to be will not exist in a few hundred years time. Current societal structures, so called norms and conditions will not hold as the evolution of Humans continues at an advanced pace.

You are in a process of undoing and unknowing. Nothing is at it seems and you are being asked to drop mental analysis and your attempt to understand it from a place of the mind, and rather to drop into a place of the Heart.

To drop into the Heart you start with your Truth. Speaking it. Living it. Acknowledging it with a bravery that has yet to be felt in the Human condition. You are on the path to The New Human as the geometric codes of light within you are changed, reprogrammed and transformed.

Open to allow in the New. Don’t be afraid to surrender to change and unknowing. For this is the path of Creation. Returning to the original blueprint for Human Kind requires strength of Spirit and a desire for Unity, Peace and Love for all. We are with you. The Ancient Ones “

4 more sleeps to my solar return and then stepping into my 56th Circle around the Sun. In my own life there is such a deep knowing of the closure of Circles and the Expansion into the New. What that New is, I don’t know, but as far as possible I am going with the Flow and trying to keep an open heart. This is not always easy but my sense is that it is the only way forward. The Lions Gate is also on us as we move into and through that portal. Which again is shown to me as a Powerful New Beginning. Choose wisely BraveHearts. I see you. With much love and blessings Lilah 💜💫

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