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Channeled Message from my Star Tribe

“The years of 2022 and 2023 are profound in the sense that you will look back and realise how much changed during these times. The energetic structures which have encompassed and held your planet for so long are quickly dismantling as new energies and frequencies are making their way into your supporting galactic field. Your planet is also shedding and dismantling many layers of conscious fields which have been created by the thoughts, actions and beliefs of humans. She is doing this as a clearing in the same way that you are moving through deeper clearings. Mother Gaia is working from within, from her own energetic heart centre to shift and clear these energetic matrices, which are false matrices not aligned to the highest good and healing for all. As she moves into higher bands of frequencies her physical structure may also change and shake. It can feel disconcerting when such a huge energy shake up is in place. As we have mentioned many times before, this is a time that is calling for inner power, for the taking back of your own energetic power as you come to the realisation that the frequency of your field counts. That in becoming an aware and conscious energetic being, you begin to hold an internal frequency that is not only healing for self but is also healing for others. Consider energetic integrity as the highest power at present and develop tools and practices which assist in the clearing, balance and sovereignty of your own field. Each one of you is creating the New Earth, don’t be swayed by feelings of anxiety or stress but know that these are indicators of instability and entanglement. You are part of a great change and holding your physical presence whilst the energetic matrices crash and tumble can feel complicated, confusing and chaotic. Seek inner peace and know that you are held in the Divine laws of harmony, balance and unity. We send you much love” We are entering a time where energetic health is of great importance. Should you feel a call to dive into some energy work please consider booking a session with me. I am seeing clients face to face in my healing rooms in Cape Town and continue to see foreign clients for distant work. I am here to be of service. And, if you have received healing from me please feel free to comment below. Many people are still nervous of energy work, but there is nothing to fear, it is who we are. With much love and blessings Lilah #thenewhuman #channeling #cosmicseer #healer #themultidimensionalmother #thelightinyou #lilahthelion #starseed #andromedan #acturian

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