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Channeled Message - Reset in Progress

Reset in progress - words shared at 2am this morning. This after a period of intense body aches, pains and smashing headache. Following the message, I hope it offers some valuable insights.

"Don't underestimate the amount of light coming in at present which has the effect of washing through you. Cleansing you. Clearing you. If you can make different choices along with the incoming energies you can literally change your life. Redirect energy.

If you can open up to the new energies, it will allow for almost immediate change and transformations of energies within your field. Biologically you are changing all the new time. New skin cells are being replaced every 27 days. The liver can regenerate itself and your stomach lining replaces itself every 4 days.

Why is it then that humans hang onto narratives that are in the past, or indeed didn't ever exist, as they have been an individualised perception of an event creating mental thought forms unique to their own story.

It is time to realise that, like our biology, our thoughts can change. Being stuck in a certain way of thinking or being crystallises energy, until eventually it becomes like concrete, harder to move and breakdown.

Remain fluid. Don't hang onto narratives, instead make different choices, especially as it pertains to the creation of thought forms and narrated stories.

Change is happening. Allow it in and let go. It really is as easy as that. Your choice directs your energy, choose wisely".

You can use the following words to assist with the process.

I allow the grace of the Divine to run through me.

I am open to receive the Light of Cosmic forces that enable me to align to my highest good.

I surrender to change and I make choices that are aligned to the Light.

I am open to the flow of Light and I let go of all fear. And So it Is

Sending you all so much love and blessings, Lilah ❤️🤗


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