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Channeled Message - The Quickening

"You are moving though an asteroid belt of instability and change as the evolution process for your planet ramps up. There are many who will be left behind in a lower vibration of fear and disbelief. There is nothing more to do. You have done the work. Now it is time for making choices that align to the highest good of all.

Steer your path carefully and wisely and do not mistake calm for a sign that things have turned. It is wiser to trust only a few during these times.

Do not live according to anyone else's truth. The path ahead is one which needs to be navigated by your own authentic truth.

The opening is happening. The quickening is in progress.

Know that you are supported at all times by the Divine Laws of Harmony and Balance."

The Andromedans

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"You are what the world is waiting for"

The Multidimensional Mother


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