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Channelled message - Reconstitution of your Etheric field

“In these times of the True Light incoming, you are being given the opportunity to completely reconstitute your physical body. As much as you have been aware of, and have the knowledge of how the biology of your physical self functions, you are still limited in your understanding of matter and energy.

If you can begin to open to the truth that energy creates matter then you can begin to open to the understanding of You as Energy. The technical components of light and frequency, from which you and all of the Cosmos were borne, consist of ancient wisdoms far beyond what you have learnt up until this point. Science as you know it, as fascinating and complex as it may be, is still not operating from the realm of the Quantum field. From the realm of Energy.

For those who are ready, the very DNA of your physical form is being upgraded and modified as heavier densities leave your body. In part from your own healing and awakening but in part, also driven by the natural evolution of the Cosmos.

Driven by the operating system of your Heart field, that which holds all truths and wisdom’s, energetic switches and templates are being adjusted as your etheric subtle body activates the necessary physical changes required to embody the higher frequencies that are your Cosmic Blueprint.

You may have noticed changes in your skin and physical form. Healing that is taking place right before your eyes. Begin to allow the Light to heal you and open to the magic of you as a Being of movement, change and vibratory sensations which are changing rapidly and consistently. You are a Being of Light. We are with you during this time of Quantum leaps into realms you have yet only dreamed of”. The Ancient Ones

Can you allow yourself to open? Receive the new codes of evolution which are moving through your field. Have you noticed quick healings, rapid body shifts and patterns dropping away. We are in very exciting times. Go gentle and step out of the way. Sending love and blessings Lilah 🦁💫💛


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