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Claim Your Space

Claim your space - Full Moon Seer Wisdom 🌟 These are the words that are offered for the full Moon in Pisces as we are asked to fully realise our sovereign state. To realise that no one has jurisdiction or sovereignty over you. As I have spoken of before, energetic matrices which have held us in their grip and which have created the “toxic culture” in which we live, are breaking down. With the passing of the Grand Monarch in the United Kingdom there has been a huge release from the fields of energy which surround the planet and a breaking down of the toxic energies of colonialism, power, greed and enslavement. This field had a stranglehold on personal freedom and energetic sovereignty. This old energy has now been released and can be used to empower, heal and enable individual sovereignty and greater energetic integrity. Now the true Great Mother can return. Now is the time to claim your space. Centre in your heart and reach up for your Crown. You are the ruler of your field and only you get to choose what you allow in and what frequency you wish to maintain. You are the ruler of your King/Queendom. This information and much more was shared in my early morning meditation this morning for my Patreon Starburst Community. We had members from the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa join live and the recording will be made available for my other tribe members to listen to later today. Should you wish to join the monthly fee is €9 and we hold regular full and new moon meditations and open sessions for Q&As and impromptu readings. The link is below should you feel the call to join this loving and supportive tribe. Much love to you all Lilah 🌟💛💫

Starburst Online Community

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