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December 21st Portal

December 21-28 Portal - Rites of Passage - Channelled message

“We come to you from the dawn of time. From a place where the Ancients knew of the order of Nature and the Divine blueprint of Humans. There is no stopping the evolution, or the return if you like, to the Divine Blueprint of Natural Order, Harmony and Balance. For those who have shed the past, or are in the process of shedding. For those who have bravely and courageously stepped forwards in their journey towards greater self love, acceptance and awareness, there is a doorway that is opening. This is a divine Rite of Passage. Are you ready to open. Are you ready to receive. Are you ready to spread your wings and fly. This is the dawn of a new age dear ones. An age that will see much change on your planet. The falling away of systems, beliefs and ways of being that are detrimental to the laws of natural order. This is a time where the Garden of Eden template returns to earth. Open your hearts, your minds and your bodies to receive the upgrades and initiations that will carry you along this passage. These forces will not be stopped, for who can stop the Natural process of things. You are a part of the galactic wave of change, restoring balance to all things. In the coming days ensure you are taking good care of your physical vessel, the home of the Garden of Eden, the materialisation of divine energy. You are the fingerprint of the Gods. Be open to more Light and recognise the Beauty in all things. We are with you. The Ancient Ones” My sense is that we truly are on the crest of the wave. Your body may be asking for much rest. Upgrades to your vagus nerve, central nervous system and neurons will be causing much tiredness and exhaustion. But, this will pass as you move into the new year and beyond. Watch for changes in the way you experience life and take care of yourselves, go gentle. We are all in this together. With love Lilah 💕💫 #thelightinyou#thenewhuman#cosmicseer#healer#gardenofeden#asherah#channeledmessage#theancientones#harmonyforall#thenewearth#evolutioninhumanity

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