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My Journey

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

My journey ..

My entire life I have been on a quest to “Know God”.

When I stepped off a cliff (yes, I am a cliff jumper of note lol) and left a corporate well paying job to follow the call and start my healing practice - I didn’t know how I was going to meet a stranger and then be able to offer guidance direct from Source.

But the hand of the Great Spirits have guided me every step of the way. I believe my pure intentions and open heart has helped. So too is my ability to just keep saying yes, when, even if I felt unworthy, doubtful or not good enough I always found the courage to just keep on jumping in, driven by my desire to be of service.

My FAITH is my continued passion to commit to finding the Divine in all things. Good and bad. Human and spiritual. Sacred and mundane.

During a retreat last week, with each session I was magically blown away by what came through. The intensity, clarity and beauty of the messages offered went straight to the hearts of my clients. To see such open hearted sharing and rawness is deeply sacred, especially given that I was a stranger to them. The healing place is a sacred one. It’s a place where I get to connect in with a persons soul, and the souls they are charged with taking care of.

Time and time again I am struck with awe at the way in which Spirit moves through me to help my clients. The more I step out of the way, the more powerful the sessions become. After all, it is not about me, it is about offering myself in service to the Divine in a way that brings in information, healing and connection for everyone I am blessed to work with. When that person sees and feels the work, their faith grows too. And, in that way, moment by moment, we all begin to feel the golden strands of Spirit which are inextricably woven between us.

Love it all. Every single minute. Since how bad can your life be when you realise that Divine Spirit is with you whenever you just reach up and ask. We are all conduits of the Cosmic Life Force and it is up to us individuallly as to whether we bring heaven or hell to earth.

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