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Detachment from the Fear Matrix

Sometimes I feel called to share what is happening with my clients as it is often what is happening in the collective or reflects what you are being most asked to work with. For those of you who have followed me, you will know that I have spoken many times of the break down and dissolution of the energetic matrices upon which our current societal framework has been built.

Towards the last part of 2021, it was made apparent to me that there was much dissolution in the Ego Matrix. Now, you are being asked to examine your attachment to the fear matrix, especially as it pertains to your beliefs around survival and money. Clients who are ready for the work, have been offered healing support to disconnect from the Fear Matrix, often with very powerful consequences in terms of their energetic frequency and way of being. Do you believe your survival is dependent on just having money, or do you believe you have access to a Universal Field of Abundance? Do you believe your physical health is dependent purely on the biological mechanism that is your body? Or do you believe that the frequency of Source and your innate healing potential will hold your body healthy and strong?

If you are hooked into Fear in any way, you are being called to remove yourself from this Matrix. Whilst this is not a straightforward or immediate release, if you are aware of it, you can work with it. I am here should you feel a call to connect with me and my team in order to receive energetic insights and support as to how you can disconnect from the Fear Matrix.

You are a sovereign being and you hold the power to create your world. I see your Light. The Light that is You, with blessings Lilah

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