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Dolphin Energy and the Cosmic Heart

The years 2022-2024 are the years of the Activation of the Cosmic Heart. The time of The New Human and a move to way of being that is heart centred, unifying and respectful of the Cosmic Essence in all beings. The Whales and Dolphins have been visiting me in my dreams a lot recently and when I asked what it was they wanted to share at the present moment, below is what I was offered. “We are here to teach you what it means to SEE with the Heart. To teach you Right Communication. To teach you about Connection and to help you understand that all of us living on planet Earth at this time are connected. You have made things more difficult for yourselves. You are living in an entangled and incoherent field. Connect with us to help find inner peace. To assist you in reigniting your passion for being alive and to help you connect with a Presence and Stillness that can only be found within the depths of your Cosmic Heart. We bless you and send you healing from the Oceans deep” I was blessed to connect with the Dolphins physically during my heart opening and expansion in 2016 as I stepped into the start of my healing practise. Much tears were shed as I felt the joy of just being alive seep through every pore of my being. Ask the Dolphins and Whales to assist you with your heart opening and expansion. There is no way but through the portal of the Heart. I am looking forward to starting up with a series of Cosmic Heart Activation Meditations in person here in Cape Town when I am fully healed. Please email me if you would like to be placed on the mailing list. With love and Cosmic blessings to you all, Lilah 💙💫🐬

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