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Energy of 2023 - Spiritual Liberation

Spiritual Liberation & Becoming the Lighthouse

This was the theme of my energy update YouTube video which you can find on my channel.

Times have been challenging for many and whilst I have been sharing for years of the collapsing of the old and creation of the new, I feel this year brings that doorway, that portal for creation and empowerment.

This is the pathway of the Heart, a courageous stepping into who you are, as an expression of Cosmic Forces. This year offers you the support to step into your true colours. To unashamedly shine your Light, for all to see. The only ask is that you do not mindlessly give your energy away. Steer away from situations, things, thoughts and engagements that either do not appreciate your Light nor support your authenticity.

Times will continue to show challenges but if you wish to acquire the most benefit from the upcoming shifts then you will be making sure that your energetic health, your spiritual health, is a priority in the coming years.

I will be stepping into more action based services this year with healing circles, silent meditation walks, my first spiritual retreat in May and the continued teachings for my online community offered on Patreon. Please engage. Let me know what it is you need and book a private session if you are looking for deeper understandings and healing.

It is an honour to serve and I look forward to seeing more of you in 2023. Now go and BE that courageous brave hearted LIGHTHOUSE. With much love and blessings Lilah 🌟💫💛

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