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Full Moon in Leo - Illumination

Message from a Seer

As many pop or burst through their blockages much light is being released into the collective field on our planet. The incoming Light which is being made available from the Cosmic and Galactic evolution is also providing momentum to the potential for instantaneous awakening for many.

The next 12-18 months offer a field of Illumination which can provide greater insights and clarity into your purpose and soul mission. This is not offered by way of thought and the mental plane, but more a knowing, a feeling, a sensing.

The Heart field is your seeding point, the point where the most intense Light (expression of your true identity) is borne, felt and expressed. Your Heart field is also your “All Seeing Eye” which offers clarity and may also feel like a strong pulsing, drumming (heartbeat) or desire to just BE unashamedly yourself.

There is no one else like you on the planet and if you can live out your joy, your freedom of expression and your integrity, you add to the field of illumination allowing that Light to be made available to others so that they too can live their TRUEst life.

During my work as a healer I am privileged to be witness to that awakening and in the past few months have seen many who are exploding into themselves and realising themselves as Cosmic beings who are multidimensional and light filled with infinite potential.

This full moon asks you to fully express yourself from the heart, with authenticity and compassion for self, in a way that holds respect for others. Push your boundaries, step out of your comfort zone and BE the amazing, incredible and galactic being you were meant to be. I SEE you, I LOVE you, Lilah 💕💫

Picture : a section of one of my channeled paintings. Going to be doing more of these so please email me on should you wish to order or make enquiries for your Soul Print - channeling your soul essence or current expression ☺️💫🌟


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