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The world as you knew it has ended

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The world as you knew it has ended. You are part of the rebirthing. Every choice you make is a step forward in the collective evolution of the human race. You are being asked to REFRAME yourself. To move from the theoretical knowledge of you as a spiritual being and instead, begin to truly feel the energetic fire of your essence. Every connection, every thought, every word spoken has an energetic frequency.

With all that is breaking apart and exploding in the world right now, your peace will well and truly come from within.

YOU will be asked to develop the super power of self awareness and sensitivity in order to begin working with your energy field and Cosmic essence. Your sensitivity is now your strength.

We are well into the path of "the empathic warrior" who knows and sees energy. Who understands that, as a contributor to the field of energy we find ourselves in, has a responsibility to become more aware of their own frequency and vibration.

We are truly stepping into the future where Quantum Physics and mechanics will rewrite the story of who we are as materialised vibrations. Explore, learn and excitedly jump into the true nature of who you are. We have now entered the Space Age where each of us is a Universe in the making.

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