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Heart Centre Opening

The continued opening of the Heart centre is leading many more people to wake up.

Waking up, or feeling more is often times so much more difficult than people imagine. Many show spirituality as a blissful state through which you dance, take herbs and manifest all of your dreams. While this may be an outcome, spiritual growth or as I like to see it, the awakening of your authenticity can be deeply painful, sad, and intense. You may be asked to move away from deep seated patterns, people and ways of being. Awakening your authenticity requires such courage and an intimate commitment to self actualisation and understanding.

This cannot be done alone, we need people to reflect back to us our innate patterns. We also need people to be able to gently show us both our light and shadow. These are your tribe. The people who love you deeply and who are also themselves committed to an authentic and heart centred way of living.

If you are seeking support then please ask for help. Whether you look up to the sky and ask for help from your angels and guides, or whether you gather your human tribe around you and ask those souls. The times we are living in are not for the feint hearted and we are being asked to seek peace within. You are being asked to step into a deeper place of self love and acceptance.

I see you, I love you, Lilah 🙏💛

March Energy Update on YouTube is available so please subscribe to my channel if you have not done so already. Also please save this post if it resonates as it allows others to find it.


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