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I am a Healer

It has taken me to the age of 55, well almost 😅 (Leo with Cancer rising) to actually own and state that “I am a Healer”. My path in this lifetime has taken me through my own journey of courageous yet very difficult choices, not always leading to a more calm and stable life, but always to a more authentic life.

I believe that many are subjected to the idea that they need to heal themselves, that if they have not held, worked through or looked at their own shadows, then they are not worthy of the label of being “spiritually awake”. This is sadly not true and has led to an age where many are not seeking out the help, guidance and assistance of energy workers like myself.

In days of old, the community, tribe and peoples would be deeply held, guided and healed by the “Seer” the “Healer” and fully accepted that this was a role to be used to their benefit, leading to a more gentle and easy way of being. I believe the day of the Seer/Healer has returned. Where the need to tap into the Multidimensional Cosmic Wisdom and Healing is what is needed to take us along a new path. A path of connection, of support and of tribal unity.

We are being asked to act boldly and to drop the societal constraints and “old” ways of doing things. I believe in miracles and I am deeply grateful to my team of spiritual guides, healers and ancient ones who work with me.

If you feel the call to tap into some objective and “other worldly” information and healing then please consider booking an appointment with me. This is my work. This is my life. This is who I am. With love Lilah 🙏☺️💕

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