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Lunar Eclipse and coming cycles of the Moon

Your body is going through a massive deep cleanse and purge during the coming lunar eclipse and next cycle.

This is in preparation for a deeper embodiment and landing of the soul as the landing and rooting of higher vibrational energy in your field ignites the fire of your heart and opens the pathway for your soul expression.

You may be experiencing issues in the lower part of the body, stomach, hips and legs, as well as muscle and neck tightness in the shoulders. These are areas where you have carried stuff for others, held on, or been physically or emotionally wounded by others. The term “punched in the stomach” when describing someone’s words or behaviours is indicative of energetic wounding in your physical body and can remain there long after the verbal engagement.

This time you get to release as the body gets to submit to the command of the soul on its journey through the lower chakras.

I will be creating a video about the details of this cleaning and clearing later on this week but in the meantime you may want to both find support for your body and rest.

Use physical therapies like deep tissue massage or hot stone therapy to help with the clearing and ask your body what it needs in order to be supported through this process. Know that wherever you are on your journey of expansion and awakening, you are being supported by both the incoming new light codes as well as the dissolution of old collective energies which enable an untangling from old ways of being and of being treated by others. There is no stopping our evolution. We are moving towards a greater, kinder and more empowered humanity for all.

I am here to support the healing so please book a remote healing session should you feel the need to be supported. All I need is your full name and date of birth. Connect with me via website or book through my profile.

Sending you all love and blessings, Lilah 🦁🙏💫


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