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The Coming of the Light

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The coming of the Light - channeled message

“You are entering a time of increased Light on your planet. Where you place your attention is what will be created. If you are one of the wayshowers, the earthkeepers and star beings, you are being asked to keep your focus on the Divine plan. To remember a time when all were connected, when people were part of the Divine pattern of creation.

The tide is turning. The energies are splitting. And, new pathways are being created. Where are you? What are you focused on? Do you have faith? Do you believe the New Earth is being created, moment by moment and choice by choice.

You are the change. It is not going to happen soon. You are asked to hold commitment, faith and a desire to remain true to your path.

Now is the time. New pathways are being created. Open your heart. Trust the process and be true to who you are. We are with you. The Light is coming. Hold the Light. Be the Light. You ARE the Light”

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