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Return to Magic

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus - Returning to an embodied state of Magic

The upcoming total eclipse in Taurus on the 8th November is the last total lunar eclipse until March 2025. This is significant for me for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that I was told 2022-2023/4 are years of choices, change and the opening of a time of reframing ourselves and clearing outdated and limited ideas.

A channeled message to help you understand this time is offered below. I trust it helps.

“You are multidimensional beings of great power and significance. The magic you hold within can only be unlocked with the intention of getting to know who you really are. Every facet of light, frequency and vibration offers insights into the very nature of your being.

Yes, we understand that the “human” has much to understand, to deal with and to move through, however if you can treat yourself like the multi coloured kaleidoscope of light you are, you can begin to appreciate each and every turning of your centre. Each particle of light that enters your field as wisdom. Each refraction of light that causes you to understand yourself more. Each reflection of light from others that highlights the need to change or offer yourself the opportunity of a different point of view.

Allow the powerful illumination of this upcoming lunar eclipse to offer you clarity and a sense that all is where it needs to be. Like a shutter closing off the light, as the eclipse moves through your awareness, open those shutters of your heart. Feel into the vastness that is you and others. Open your Heart to those you have closed off and offer them an opportunity to show you another aspect of their own world of light. We are with you during these intense times of change. And we see that You are the Light the World needs dear hearts”.

Sending you all much love and blessings and remember to your end of year soul reading to receive insights into what 2023 has in store for you. Much love as always Lilah 🙏🌟💕

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