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The Great Reset/Rebirth - Lion’s Gate 8/8/22

There are certain times when we are given the opportunity to totally reset our way of life and living and our way of being. Now is such a time. This is not to say that this opportunity may never come again but my sense is that we are at the beginning of Time, the beginning of a brand new cycle for Mother Earth and her peoples.

I am seeing many clients in the throes of feeling deep seated darkness, hopelessness and confusion. Often, they have not experienced these feelings before. It is my sense that in the breakdown of numerous matrices of consciousness, the fear matrix is screaming out not to be ignored. But ignore it we must. As I have already mentioned in previous posts, we are moving to a time when Fear and Love will not be operating in the same dimension.

I experienced a massive change of timeline during the 2011 Lion’s Gate which ultimately led to the confirmation of my work as a healer and seer.

Each person, depending on where they are in their awakening journey, will experience a different level of choice.

For myself, there are choices I am also being asked to make. And, like a roulette wheel, once you have stepped into that path/choice, as the wheel turns, you will move into a different course and experience.

How I see it, is that each person is in their own birthing process, held in a pod of their own making, aligned to the truth they are living and to their hearts current vibration. These birthing pods are being separated out from the lower density matrices as the New Earth is born.

I am holding space at a private ceremony tomorrow, the 8th August but I will try and make time for a live Insta or video whilst at the crystal cave. The Great Cosmic Mother is here as the Cosmic Serpent continues to ask for continual shedding and rebirthing. As received from The Mother during a meditation yesterday:

“I am the word; with every opening I create life. I breathe life. I move towards a state of seeing myself in each and every form that exists. I am The Great Mother

May you all open your hearts, find your voice and move into the courage of becoming much love Lilah 🦁💛#thenewhuman#lilahthelion#cosmicseer

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