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The Path of Sovereignty

An act of Separation

As you move into your own energetic sovereignty you will feel the pain and rising emotions of the stories you shared with those from whom you are separating.

This is like taking off an energetic bandaid from something that may have caused you pain in the past or from something you may have needed to cover up, ignore or hold in from the past. However, as you move forwards along the path of developing energetic integrity and sovereignty, regaining your heart centred seat of Divine power, these wounds will be opened and exposed.

Whilst this can feel deeply uncomfortable and may call you into a space of name, blame, shame, or outward anger, resentment and other lower vibratory energies aimed at the person/s in your story, know that, instead, if you can choose the path of the Heart, this can offer you yet another opportunity to peel away another layer.

Centering and peeling away the layers, as you "Light Up" is uncomfortable but it is the path of a greater embodiment and an experience of becoming animated by the Cosmic Wisdom.

No one that has chosen to be of service on this planet will be exempt from experiencing these deep expansions. Go gentle as you move into the divinity and uniqueness of your expression here on Earth.

AND, should you wish to receive healing or more information on what is occurring within your field please consider booking a session with me. Your investment is 95 Euros (rates for SA clients available on request). Sending you much love and blessings Lilah 💞🙏


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