• Lilah Wolpert

The White Lions

Channelled message from the White Lions and their Star Being Family

Over the past few weeks I have been connecting with the Lion's and my own star heritage. They are working deeply with us during these times. Below is what came through to share. I hope it brings peace to your heart

"Dear hearts of the Human Race

We are looking over as things on your planet become more chaotic than you could have anticipated. Much is rising up for clearing, yet as it does, it seems to become darker, denser and more confusing. Do not fear. Do not become hard of Heart. Instead know that portals of Light, energetic pathways of Light, and deep wells of Light and pillars are being placed in various places on your planet. Golden rivers of Light have been recently activated across the African Continent, building bridges and gateways for more golden rivers to be activated in other parts of your planet. The energetic structures and thought form matrices in which you have lived for many thousands of years are breaking down. The Golden Age is dawning. You are not alone; many beings are joining us in opening the Hearts of many and instilling in them Cosmic Wisdom and Peace of Heart. Open your Heart dear ones, look up at the sky, and know we are there looking down on you as we are in the hearts of many already walking the planet. Join with us in connecting to the Cosmic Heart, yours in Peace, Love and Wisdom. The White Lions"

With love and heartfelt wishes for peace in your heart, Lilah 🤍🕊️🦁


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