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Topsy Turvy Land

We are living in a time where everything is being turned upside down. Whether this is the old beliefs on which you based your life, or the small self which you created to survive, or the very real material surroundings of your life. From one day to the next, you could find yourself feeling ecstatically joyous, to downright moody and depressed. This is due to the changing energetic foundations upon which our world is based. The only way out is up, or in, whichever way you would like to perceive it. As within, so without, is a term that is bandied around often, however do you even know what it means, how this feels? As mentioned in my 2022 Energy update video you are being called to REFRAME yourself. Everything you knew about yourself is being asked to be "let go of". This is not some serious call to dive deep into analysis, therapy or any other form of deep interrogation. It is an ask to sink deeper. To feel into who you are, and then, let it all go, one cycle after the next. And, if you don't know what you need to let go of or indeed, how to do it, speak with someone who does. Book a session with me to sink into the deeper truths of who you are. And, in the meantime, as far as possible, flow with the process, and like "Moon face" in the Enid Blyton chronicles, walk to the top of the tree, peek your head over and enjoy the adventure. With love and blessings, Lilah

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"You are what the world is waiting for"

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