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Tree of Life & The Great Mother

Tree of Life and Patterns of Creation

In the past few months “The Great Mother” has been coming to me in various ways. I have not had many mentors along my path as both a human and a healer but during the pandemic lockdown a dream led me to a beautiful man in France who is now my Kabbalah teacher.

In starting to work with the Hebrew sacred alphabet, the letters literally jumped out of the page at me and started sharing their magic. I believe that we are living in an age of intense mistranslations and complete misunderstanding of who we are as emanations of spiritual life force.

In years to come we will look back and think “how on earth did we live like that”.

The Great Mother holds the original blueprint of our planet and of humanity. By returning to her we can align to our own unique passage and life’s mission. How do you do this? You go within. You move deeper into your heart and examine what stories and narratives are holding you captive.

The Heart is the flame of existence and only by living according to your truth and authenticity will you begin to light up and expand this flame. The White Fire within, once lit up, can never go out and in fact, begins to Light up all of those around you.

The Great Mother is within and around you as the creative force of the Cosmos. Tap into her power and beauty by returning to a state of presence, calm, centred power and energetic integrity. There is no reaching out. She moves through you. Become animated by her wisdom, love and power.

If you feel the call to learn more of the Great Mother, whom I work with in my sessions, then please join me for healing meditations offered in person in Cape Town or join my online community Starburst.

My one on one sessions offer guidance from The Great Mother, translated through me, and the fee for a 60 minute session for South African residents is R950 or €90 for foreign clients.

Sending star filled sunbursts of love to you, Lilah 💛🌟

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