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"The soul of a child is precious in it's gift of innocence and unconditional love, held in a field of magical play and imagination"


I am passionate about the work I do for souls incoming, unborn babies, infants and young children, who can't yet speak for themselves. I am also deeply committed to my work with teenagers. In all of my work I connect, communicate with, and offer healing to their soul and multidimensional energetic and subtle bodies. This healing can be used for any physical, mental or psycho-spiritual issues, including ancestral and past life issues which may be impacting their current state of wellbeing and happiness.


The soul has an innate ability to heal and when I work with this aspect of your child/children I receive information and guidance as to what is required for them to be held in a space of support for their highest good and healing.

Whilst traditional therapy sometimes has its place, we can overlook the spiritual aspect of a child and miss much useful information and guidance as to what may be the root cause of any unhappiness, disconnection or pain. Many spiritual and energetic imbalances are currently being labelled as mental health issues and this concerns me greatly.

In a time where our teenagers are battling with many stressors, and depression has become the norm, it is my belief that soul work can offer a way of healing that enables your child to understand the real truth of who they are, and connects them back into the light of their own life force to renew their spirit.

I treat the work with all of my clients as a sacred gift, but none more so than my work with babies, young children, teenagers and animals. 

Please visit my other website for more information on Energetic Health which is my movement focussed on reducing or even eliminating depression and mental illness in young children and teenagers. 

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