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Soul Work Services

In all of my Soul Work Sessions I offer both healing and guidance as supported by Spirit. My Soul Work Sessions are currently only offered remotely or we connect online via Zoom. My remote healing sessions are incredibly powerful since there is no distraction from the physical/mental plane and I connect into your SOUL directly to provide both deep clarity and healing. For this remote service all you need to do BOOK ONLINE and confirm your Soul Work Service with your full name and date of birth. Once the date and time of your session has been confirmed and I have received your full name, date of birth and payment, I will begin your session by meditating in order to connect with you, and you will receive your detailed feedback after the session. 

I ask that during our session together you also take the time to sacredly connect with your soul and the wisdom it brings through silence & meditation. This allows for the healing effected over distance to be more powerful than a contact session since you also get to participate in the healing, without the interruption of your logical mind and it's chatterings.

I am a caretaker of souls and I work with the souls' energy in all it's forms. You are a multidimensional being with multi faceted aspects of self that are mostly unseen but which contain thoughts, beliefs, memories of past traumas and past lifetimes. I have the gift of being able to read energy and to translate this multidimensional aspect of yourself to share in a way that is clear and understandable. I am here to assist in the healing of your soul so that you can align to your highest vibration and divinity.


What I am able to offer you through any one of my services is an experience. Through this experience you will receive healing and personal insights or guidance, into your life and the circumstances and people within your energetic circle, guiding you towards the true "you" and the expression of your highest potential. The soul work I offer may also be used to make connection with passed loved ones in order to offer healing both in this realm and across the veil. As part of every session, I not only offer you guidance, but as part of any distant healing I will also send you a detailed, recorded feedback of what is was I was asked to work with, so that you can retain and keep as part of the documentation of your spiritual journey.


Through the purity of transmission from my heart centre, my soul and my higher mind, and together with my Spiritual team, I am guided by the cosmic intelligence of your soul, to effect healing through the power of your will. If you are intent on healing and yet, do not have the belief that it is time to heal or move up in vibration, the healing will initially be effective but will in time, be overrun by lower vibrationery thoughts, actions and belief. It is critical therefore, that in any of the work we apply together, that you decide and are clear on, what your beliefs are and if you are ready for transformative healing.


Soul Work Services

Soul Healing & Clearing and Spiritual Guidance Session

These sessions are 60 minutes in duration and can be offered remotely, or online via Zoom. For remote sessions, I will provide you with a 60 minute distant healing, after which  you  will receive detailed recorded feedback, within 24hrs of your Soul Healing & Guidance session. For online sessions, we will meet via Zoom and I will offer you a  live 60 minute Soul Healing & Guidance session. 

Online €111 | Remote €95
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Working with the concept of Sacred Union, I offer soulful guidance leading to a more coherent and compassionate way of being together

These sessions are 60 minutes in duration and are only offered online via Zoom. I meet with both of you since it offers me the opportunity to connect in with any issues that you face as a couple or in your relationship. I hold space for both discussion and healing, supporting each individual to contribute to the soul work.

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This soul work is offered to children and animals in need of spiritual healing or for parents of small children wanting to connect with the soul wisdom of their child or children

These sessions are 60 minutes in duration and are only offered remotely. I recommend this Soul Work Service to parents of children below the age of 10, and to pregnant or expecting mothers, or for those mothers that are hoping to fall pregnant. For animals, this Soul Work requires a picture of the animal needing healing, and can be offered to animals currently in your care, or for those animals that have crossed over. 

Price per couple €222
Children €95 | Animals €75

Please note: if you are a South African Citizen, you may request my Soul Work Service rates in rands here.

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