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My name is Lilah


And I am a Cosmic Seer & Healer

The New Human

“Our only purpose in life, is to realise our fully awakened state by bringing in the vibration of our Cosmic Soul into our physical manifestation and life, thereby living from our Divine Spark and God/Creator Self”


The words “The New Human”, were offered to me by my spiritual support team almost 5 years ago now. Linked to my Science degree and passion as an avid archaeologist, I have had many encounters with the San Bushmen of my land, both in practical terms, and in the dream and meditative state, I like to refer to them as “The Ancient Ones”.


As humans, we have lived on this planet for more than 2 million years, more when we go back beyond the Homo Sapiens/Homo Erectus lineage. It is my belief that we are being asked to go back to our natural state, a state of connection within, with others and with the Field in which we find ourselves living in, much like the first Humans lived on the planet. We are being asked to become more coherent, to open up to our natural gifts of telepathy, empathy, psychic wisdom, and to return to the field of the Heart, the centre of our energetic Universe.

We are being asked to be the conduits of peace, to show kindness, respect and compassion for all life forms. Are you ready to step into being a responsible co-creator? Are you ready to change the world?

If you open your Heart and seek the Truth, it will find you. Are you ready?


Below a channeled message from my Guides

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Collective Awakening and the Birthing Process


“As humanity moves into this new era of the rebirthing of your society, civilization and the recreation of all of the structures on which your world has been based, it is going to be a difficult process for many. This rebirthing is asking of you, to move through the labour pains, both individually and collectively. On some level of your consciousness you have all been asking for this. Asking for peace, asking for change, and indeed asking for a shift in the way the world works.


Depending on your soul purpose and path, during this time, you may be working on uplifting the community, you may be working with the Earth and it’s plants and animals, you may be working on aspects of mental health and well being. Note, that wherever your calling to help moves you, this is where your soul is positioned for ages to come. This rebirthing is a bit of a shock, whilst you may have all been looking forward to the change, once that change arrives, it can be both excruciatingly painful and exhilarating at the same time. Part of this rebirthing is also the knowledge that things will never be the same again, and there is a grieving of the old, and a process of letting go of any past traumas that may be embedded in your field.


For now, it is important you realise that the energies are turbulent, that you are in the midst of a test for humanity and a turning of the Cosmic Wheel as a process of conscious unfolding and evolution is initiated in full force. The path has not yet been set and it is for this reason that we urge you to decide what side of the steering wheel you are on. The MotherShip of Earth is asking for you to step up and hold, or guide the wheel. There will be some that will want things to stay the same, this energetic matrix where the planet and human society has been built mostly on fear, corruption, greed and a certain level of enslavement. An enslavement to systems, structures and financial institutions, material wealth and to working in ways that are soul destroying and not aligned with freedom, truth and justice. The NEW WAY is that of a MotherShip which is moving in the direction of wealth for all, of wanting to take care of the Earth, wanting to take care of others and to be of service in an environment where all have their needs met; mental, physical, social and spiritual.


We are not saying this process is easy, and we cannot inform you of how long this rebirthing process is going to continue. But we can say, there is no messiah coming, you are the messiah, each and every one of you and now more than ever, what you choose to hold within your heart is what counts. Move through this collective purging in a way that supports you. Look for healing and support from others, ask for help, be of service where you can and know that “this tool shall pass”, but not before things within your heart, and the hearts of others, have shifted beyond the turning point. They will have shifted to a place in which humanity has chosen the NEW EARTH and the home of the NEW HUMAN.


You will get there, you will feel pain, but you will also feel the joy and the ecstacy of a world in which all begin to work as a global community for the benefit of all life on this magnificent planet of yours. We are here with you, as is every light in your system and beyond, yours in service to Truth, The Ancient Ones”

“The opening of the Heart centre creates your wings. It is the beginning of your angelic presence on Earth – your opening to the Divine”

The Multidimensional Mother


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